Where Medicaid Work Requirements Go, Lawsuits Follow

A number of states have tied Medicaid coverage to work requirements. But legal challenges have followed — a sucessful attempt to stop the program in Kentucky , an ongoing lawsuit in Arkansas and possibly more to come.

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The Workaround: A New Video Series

The Workaround: A Video Series

A deeper look at how everyday people work around the American health care system.


Long before Eric Kirkwood of Kansas City, Kansas, had his first sickle cell crisis at age 17, he knew about the pain caused by the disease. His uncle and sister had the genetic disorder, which causes blood cells to clump together and cut off circulation, leaving many patients with pain they describe like being squeezed in a vise.

“I’ve been in so much pain that I’m like, ‘Why am I not dying?’” Kirkwood said. “It’s really like torture.”

Lauren Chapman/Indiana Public Broadcasting News

Health care was a big campaign issue across the Midwest, and Tuesday's election results were mixed. Among the winners: medical marijuana.

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Popular rapper Mac Miller is the latest musician to die after ingesting fentanyl — a grim tribute to the drug’s power. A coroner in Los Angeles says Miller had fentanyl, cocaine and ethanol in his system when he overdosed in September.

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Across the Midwest, health care has emerged as one of the year’s biggest campaign flash points — in races from U.S. Senate to state attorney general.

New Reports Calculate Lives Lost To Tobacco, Opioids

Oct 30, 2018

Two new reports from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation outline the loss of life in Indiana from two epidemics: tobacco and opioids

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There’s a new treatment now for thousands of patients in the U.S. who live with a rare disorder where blood doesn’t clot. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved Hemlibra, which is produced by Genentech, Inc.

Dr. Amy Shapiro is CEO of the Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center in Indianapolis.

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Indiana suspended a Medicaid policy that locked participants out of coverage for failing to confirm their eligibility for health care with the state.

The state's Medicaid program, called the Healthy Indiana Plan, requires members to submit paperwork to the state every 12 months to verify their eligibility for Medicaid. If that paperwork isn’t completed, they will be ineligible for coverage for up to six months.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t know why young children across the country are coming down with a rare condition called Acute Flaccid Myelitis. Many are calling AFM  a “polio-like” illness, because it causes weakness and paralysis in childrens’ arms and legs.

Rural Hoosiers Face Long Drives To Reach Prenatal Care

Oct 23, 2018
Zach Herndon, WFIU/WTIU News

Indiana’s maternal and infant mortality rates are far higher than the national average. Experts say one of the reasons is a lack of access to care providers. 

It’s a problem statewide, but it's especially felt in rural areas.

Driving Hours To Reach OB Care 

Deidra Firestone is expecting a child this year. This time, she says she’s blessed with a ‘normal pregnancy.’ But last year, she wasn't so lucky.

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The eighth graders who dashed around the classroom sounded like parrots in a pet store. The students asked each other the same question over and over.


The Workaround

The Workaround: A New Podcast From Side Effects Public Media

These are stories of the difficult and sometimes shocking things people do to work around the American health care system.

On The Front Lines Of A Drug Crisis: A Video Series

On The Front Lines Of A Drug Crisis: A New Video Series

The opioid addiction crisis is often reported on in desperate terms. But, to the people working on the frontlines of the problem, there are known and proven approaches that can help.