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Who Do First Responders Call For Help?

Blood has a distinct, coppery scent. If that's what Brandon Dreiman smelled when he stepped off the fire truck, he knew his job wasn’t going to be easy.

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On The Front Lines Of A Drug Crisis: A New Video Series

On The Front Lines Of A Drug Crisis: A New Video Series

The opioid addiction crisis is often reported on in desperate terms. But, to the people working on the frontlines of the problem, there are known and proven approaches that can help.

Sound Medicine 12-27-09

Dec 27, 2009

In this week's show: how much fat your exercise really burns; how prescription drugs get into our drinking water; how doctors communicate with decision-making "surrogates"; and hear a medical student tell about his first experience with a dying patient. Plus the Sound Medicine Checkup and Did You Know features.

Sound Medicine Radio Show December 20, 2009

Dec 20, 2009

Topics this week: research that shows high technology does not cut expenses or improve outcomes for hospitals and doctors' offices; how emergency care workers employ electronic medical records; author of the book Sugarless Plum, a biography of a diabetic ballet dancer; and author of the book Declarations of Dinosaur, about practicing family medicine. We also have another Grace Notes essay by Dr. Larry Cripe.

Sound Medicine 12-13-09

Dec 13, 2009

This week's show includes an update on healthcare reform; a German model for American Medicare; new rules in the NFL for treating concussions; and hear an Indiana University cancer doc relate life experiences that include the anxiety and sadness of treating terminally ill cancer patients. In addition, learn how both antioxidants and sports mouth guards can be harmful to users.

Sound Medicine 12-06-09

Dec 6, 2009

Topics this week: budget cuts threaten a community's water fluoridation program; efforts to improve mental health services for veterans; the difficulties of recruiting volunteers for cancer clinical trials; and the ethics of predictive medical testing. Also, a musical cure for tinnitis.

Sound Medicine 11-29-09

Nov 29, 2009

Topics: New guidelines for mammograms and Pap tests; Healthcare for immigrants; malpractice reform and healthcare costs; also, we debut Dr. Rich Frankel's new "Patient Listening" series, which this week hears from a wounded Iraq war veteran.

Sound Medicine 11-22-09

Nov 22, 2009

On Sound Medicine this week: marketing smokeless nicotine products; reforming the physician's fee-for-service pay structure; the dog flu and its vaccine; and the book, Smallpox, the Death of a Disease.

Sound Medicine 11-15-09

Nov 15, 2009

Topics this week on Sound Medicine include antibiotic-resistance from livestock; the origins of malaria; a fruit-fly pheromone that could lead to better insect control; treating bipolar disorder; and Dr. Marie Savard on the importance of reducing life-stress.

Sound Medicine 11-08-09

Nov 8, 2009

This week on Sound Medicine, Dr. Aaron Carroll compares the latest House and Senate HC reform bills; Dr. Marcia Shew discusses Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine; 12-year old researcher Brendan O'Neil discovers energy drinks don't work; and Dr. Tim Ford discusses the use of satellite imaging for predicting disease.

Sound Medicine 11-01-09

Nov 1, 2009

Sound Medicine: 10-25-09

Oct 25, 2009


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