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Editor's note: This report includes graphic and disturbing descriptions of sexual assault.

In the sex education class for adults with intellectual disabilities, the material is not watered down. The dozen women and men in a large room full of windows and light in Casco, Maine, take on complex issues, such as how to break up or how you know you're in an abusive relationship. And the most difficult of those issues is sexual assault.

Flint, Mich., isn't the only American city with a lead problem. Though the health crisis in Flint has highlighted the use of lead in water pipes, author David Rosner tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross that lead, which is a neurotoxin, can be found throughout the U.S. on walls, in soil and in the air.

"The problem with lead is that it's now really everywhere, and we've created a terribly toxic environment in all sorts of ways," he says.

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A village of tiny homes to house people with mental illnesses could be coming to Chatham County, North Carolina.

Many people with mental illnesses live on a federal income of about $750 per month, called the Supplemental Security Income, which creates a challenge for them to find safe and affordable housing.

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New Jersey Creating New Alert System For 'Most Vulnerable' Missing People

Jan 19, 2016
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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a new law that creates a special missing person alert for people with mental, intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The transition to adulthood marks a big turning point in life for everyone, but for young people on the autism spectrum that transition can be really tough.

Young adults with autism had lower employment rates and higher rates of complete social isolation than people with other disabilities, according to a report published Tuesday by the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute.

Only 17.5 percent of Americans with disabilities over age 16 are employed, compared with 64.7 percent of the population without disabilities, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. But according to John Dickerson, executive director of the service and advocacy organization Arc of Indiana, there are more opportunities now than ever for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to find meaningful employment outside of the traditional "sheltered workshop" model.  Sound Medicine host Barbara Lewis recently spoke with Dickerson and Michelle Fischer, a young woman who lives with cerebral palsy and hosts a podcast on disability issues for the Arc of Indiana.

Drug Treats Inherited Form Of Intellectual Disability In Mice

Oct 6, 2014
Johns Hopkins Medicine


·       Kabuki syndrome is a genetic disease that affects proteins that help control the compaction of DNA.

·       Symptoms include intellectual disability and facial features that resemble the makeup worn by Japanese Kabuki actors.

·       A study found that mental function of adult mice with a Kabuki-like condition was improved by a cancer drug.