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While serving time in jail, Emma King had to go to great lengths to find something as common as tampons. She and other women in prison eventually learned how to make their own.

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Schools in Illinois are adjusting to a new state-mandated rule that takes effect next week. Starting in January, they’ll be required to provide feminine hygiene products to students at no cost.

New York Aims To Become The Next State To Toss The Tampon Tax

May 18, 2016

Feminine products are having a moment. With some calling for a red wave to take the taboo out of menstruation, politicians across the country are trying to make tampons and sanitary pads as affordable and accessible as possible.

Five states have eliminated sales taxes on pads and tampons: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and Minnesota. In New York, a bill awaits the governor's signature, and other efforts to improve access to sanitary products are underway.

Making Menstruation Less Of A Hassle For Homeless Women

Apr 29, 2016

In the latest episode of Sick, a podcast from Side Effects Public Media, journalist Lisa De Bode got curious about how homeless women deal with menstruation, so she wrote a story on it. Then, things started to change.

Plus, our reporter Jake Harper learns a valuable lesson about how to approach this topic as a male. 

How do you cut the school dropout rate for girls in a remote pocket of Uganda?

And how do you create jobs for village women?

The answer to both questions: sanitary pads.

Can Abdominal Massage Help Painful Menstruation?

Dec 29, 2013
Under the supervision of Dr. Men-Jean Lee at University Hospital North, Andrea Muraskin performed a Maya abdominal massage on herself. Here's the uterus before the Maya abdominal massage.
Andrea Muraskin

  One in 10 women misses one to three days of work each month because of debilitating menstrual cramps. “Sound Medicine” field producer Andrea Muraskin was one of them. After trying every recommended medical treatment, Muraskin finally found relief from a massage therapist. Megan Assaf of Bloomington, Ind., specializes in the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy. According to OB-GYN specialist Men-Jean Lee, M.D., the relaxation that Mayan massage promotes could be useful in reducing menstrual cramps.

Sound Medicine: June 24, 2007

Jun 24, 2007

Topics for this week include: Medical Care with a Guarantee; Health Quiz: Odd Blood; Little League Pitching Injuries; College Sports Injuries; Checkup: Awake, During Brain Surgery; Supressing Menstruation; Medical ID Chips