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Steve Burger
Nearly 110 million Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19. And delivering each dose requires a complex chain of events. This is the story of one of those doses — and how it ended up in Archie Thomas’ left arm at a church recreation center in Evansville, Indiana.
It's been a year since the COVID crisis began to dominate our lives. To mark that milestone, Side Effects is producing a series of non-narrated features in March that reflect on COVID's impact.
The new coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, have changed our lives in countless ways. Side Effects will explain the important medical issues, as well as their impact on the Midwest.
Side Effects is part of the America Amplified project, which aims to put people, not preconceived ideas, at the center of its reporting process.
Throughout 2019, Side Effects will examine the health care challenges that refugees and immigrants face in the U.S.
Front-line workers on the COVID-19 crisis
Stories examining the effect of COVID-19 on rural health care.
Stories highlighting what climate change means for Great Lakes cities.
Across the country, many small rural hospitals are having financial problems. In less than a decade, more than a hundred have closed.
Side Effects examines what responsibility schools have in this fight, and what counselors, teachers and administrators are doing to address this quiet crisis.
Get a monthly roundup of Indiana's public health news, plus special series and events from Side Effects, Indiana.