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Since private equity firms have typically not had to disclose which health care groups they own, the effects of such ownership have been tough to track. Some states like Indiana are trying to get more visibility into PE ownership with new reporting requirements.
Felipe Queiroz
While stories of private equity firms running amok in health care are easy to find, new research paints a more nuanced picture.
Incarcerated people are some of the sickest people in our country. Many have chronic conditions such as diabetes or lung disease. And they’re far more likely to suffer from mental illness and addiction. On Season 2 of Sick, listen to stories of what goes wrong in corrections facilities — places meant to keep people healthy, but built to punish them.
Sickle cell disease is the nation’s most common genetic disorder, but is often overlooked when it comes to resources. Sickle cell researchers, physicians and patients believe these disparities exist – and persist – because of systemic racism. This reporting is supported by a grant from the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2022 Impact Fund for Reporting on Health Equity and Health Systems.