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Telemedicine Sounds Great, But There Are Barriers, Too

As soon as COVID-19 hit, there was a massive jump in telemedicine visits. A Centers for Disease Control study found that in March 2020 there was a 154% increase compared to the previous year. Now it’s clear the coronavirus has dramatically changed the way Americans get medical care. But some of these virtual options remain out of reach for the most vulnerable populations, like seniors.

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Jake Harper | Side Effects

The Indiana Department of Correction will conduct a "comprehensive review" of the Indiana Women’s Prison, according to an email sent to staff on Friday. 

The department will examine the facility’s “operations, programs, treatment services, maintenance and situational readiness.” The email says the decision to conduct the review follows complaints about the prison over the past couple of years. 

Preguntas Sobre COVID-19 - English Version

Jan 14, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the Latino community particularly hard, and information about the virus is not always readily available in Spanish at the local level. To answer questions and fill information gaps, Side Effects Public Media convened a panel of three health workers who work closely with Latino Hoosiers throughout the state. Side Effects reporter Sebastián Martínez Valdivia spoke with Gabriela Lemus, community health worker for Health Visions Midwest in Fort Wayne; Indianapolis-based pulmonary disease specialist Dr. Jorge Morales-Estrella; and Guillermo Guevara, community health worker and multicultural liaison at Echo Division Street Family Clinic in Evansville.

¿Preguntas Sobre COVID-19?

Jan 8, 2021

La pandemia de COVID-19 ha golpeado particularmente fuerte a la comunidad latina, y a veces la información sobre el virus no está disponible en español a nivel local. Para contestar las preguntas y remediar la falta de información, Side Effects Public Media convocó un panel de tres trabajadores de salud que trabajan atentamente con los Hoosiers latinos por todo el estado. Sebastián Martínez Valdivia, periodista de Side Effects, habló con Gabriela Lemus, promotora de salud con Health Visions Midwest en Fort Wayne; el Dr. Jorge Morales-Estrella, especialista en enfermedades pulmonares en Indianápolis; y Guillermo Guevara, trabajador de salud comunitaria e intermediario multicultural en Echo Division Street Family Clinic en Evansville.

How This School Nurse Handles Work During COVID-19

Jan 8, 2021
Courtesy Of Jen BarbouRoske

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for Midwestern school districts as they balance their students’ education and safety. At the forefront are school nurses, who are responsible for screening kids for COVID-19, notifying parents and even contact tracing. And that’s on top of their regular duties.

Go Fund Me Page/ Alicia Sanders and Rashad Elby

A prominent Indiana lawmaker wants to make sure the final days of Dr. Susan Moore’s life, which were chronicled in an emotional video, lead to lasting change for Black women.

So she’s drafting a bill that would require cultural awareness training for the state’s health care professionals.

Chicago Mural Honors COVID's Essential Workers

Jan 6, 2021
Judith Ruiz-Branch

On Chicago’s Southwest side, a colorful mural pays tribute to America’s essential workers. It features three of the community’s very own: Rosalinda, a retail clerk; Javier, a postal carrier and Juan, a butcher shop worker. Underneath their portraits are the words El Corazon de Chicago: The heart of Chicago.

Courtesty of Glynita Bell

While listening to the disturbing details of how 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was shot to death by Louisville police officers in her own apartment, Glynita Bell had a sudden thought about Taylor, who lived just miles away from her New Albany, Indiana home. 

New Program Helps People With Diabetes Eat Healthy

Dec 29, 2020

Standing in her kitchen, Therese Richardson is making her favorite recipe. “The honey dijon roasted pork tenderloin. I like that one,” the 50-year-old Indianapolis woman says.

Richardson has Type 2 diabetes, meaning that cells in her body are resistant to insulin, causing her blood sugar levels to rise. Eating vegetables and other healthy food helps her avoid serious complications — and lowers blood sugar levels.


Dani Hoover cu kum 26 a si i, Indianapolis ah harsa a tongmi pawl bawmtu (social worker) a si. High school a kai in lungrawh zawtnak (depression) le lungretheihnak (anxiety) a rak ngei peng i, Covid-19 zawtnak a um ruang ah hin aa harh chin chin. 

“Hi COVID-19 puiral chung ah hin, ka lungrawh zawtnak le lungretheihnak hi a fak bik tiah ka zumh,” tiah Hoover nih a ti.

Hilary Powell

Cauk zoh dawh tein chiah lawng si loin, Nikki Johnson cu sianginn dih hnu ah siangakchia rawl pek le hmailei an lam tluan khawhnak caah fimnak a cheuh hna. Tu thla le bang cu sichunh (flu shot) kong a thil tuah ding ah a chap. 

Johnson rian cu Indianapolis Public Library i Martindale-Brightwood Branch a zohkhenh tu a si. “ Kan khua (community) caah mah hmun hi himnak hmun pakhat a si. Cun, hi hmun hi anmah ta a si le kan khua (community) cu pumkhat kan si tiin theihternak kan tuah.”


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