The Workaround: A New Video Series

The Workaround: A Video Series

A deeper look at how everyday people work around the American health care system.

Sound Medicine 10-11-09

Oct 11, 2009

This week on Sound Medicine topics include the Human Toxome Project; why college athletes are vulnerable to H1N1; similarities among individuals hospitalized with H1N1; why primary care physicians suffer burnout; and humorist Eric Metcalf offers up his favorite home remedies -- and a prediction for the merican health care system.

Sound Medicine 10-04-09

Oct 4, 2009

This week, a special edition of Sound Medicine. We air the health-care reform debate that took place on the IU School of Medicine campus, on Sept. 11, 2009.

Sound Medicine 09-27-09

Sep 27, 2009

This week, Sound Medicine topics include: Dr. Malaz Boustani on common drugs that can cause cognitive impairment in older adults; Alison Gopnik, PhD, on her book "The Philosophical Baby," which looks at how babies perceive the world; and Dr. Aaron Carroll provides an update on health-care reform legislation. Also, Dr. Joe O'Neil on the Indiana law prohibiting teens from cellphoning while driving.

Sound Medicine 09-20-09

Sep 20, 2009

Sound Medicine 09-13-09

Sep 13, 2009

This week on Sound Medicine, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIAID discusses swine flu vaccine clinical trials in children; Dr. Daniel Jernigan of the CDC explains this year's extended flu season; Dr. Ron Ackerman discusses the economics of preventive care; reporter Sandy Roob visits a student-run health clinic in Indianapolis; and sociologist Nina Bambina discusses the advantages of online social networking for seniors.

Sound Medicine 09-06-09

Sep 6, 2009

This week Sound Medicine presents a best-of show. Topics include federal stimulus funds for health clinics; the rise drug abuse among baby boomers; and interviews with John Medina, author of Brain Rules; Paul Roberts, author of The End of Food; and John LaPuma, MD, aka Chef MD, author of Chef MD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine.

Sound Medicine August 30, 2009

Aug 30, 2009

This week on Sound Medicine: High school athletes and heat stroke; drug companies and healthcare reform; and a young film maker discusses his experience with teen depression. Dr. Larry Cripe reads a Grace Notes essay. Also, non-head hair transplants and popcorn's health properties.

Sound Medicine 08-23-09

Aug 23, 2009

This week on Sound Medicine: MRSA staph infections from household pets; health insurance reform ideas; and an interview with the authors of Don't Swallow Your Gum, Drs. Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman. Jeremy Shere covers sleeping-baby safety and pain-relief from swearing.

Sound Medicine 08-16-09

Aug 16, 2009

This week on Sound Medicine: The latest on the healthcare reform debate; treating alcoholism with drugs; unemployment as a health risk; and an interview with Howard Gleckman, author of Caring for Our Parents. Jeremy Shere covers lawnmower safety and stretching before exercise.

Sound Medicine 08-09-09

Aug 9, 2009

This week <em>Sound Medicine</em> visits Camp Medical Detective, where minority youths learn about medical professions. Other topics include Indiana University's Medical Service Learning programs; eating disorders; cross-training the mind; and we hear another essay in Dr. Larry Cripe's Grace Notes series.


The Workaround

The Workaround: A New Podcast From Side Effects Public Media

These are stories of the difficult and sometimes shocking things people do to work around the American health care system.

On The Front Lines Of A Drug Crisis: A Video Series

On The Front Lines Of A Drug Crisis: A New Video Series

The opioid addiction crisis is often reported on in desperate terms. But, to the people working on the frontlines of the problem, there are known and proven approaches that can help.