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  • COVID and Worker Safety: How outbreaks at meatpacking plants have impacted their communities, 8 p.m. EST March 30
    Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, worker safety is still a concern at meatpacking plants and the communities surrounding them—particularly communities of color, which make up a large percentage of the meatpacking workforce. Learn how one small Iowa town continues to deal with the effects of a major COVID outbreak in this livestreamed conversation.

    Moderated by Natalie Krebs (Iowa Public Radio) and Tom Cullen (Storm Lake Times).

    Live Spanish translation will be available. Follow event for forthcoming details.

  • Building Trust, Breaking Barriers: Learn how one rural Indiana community sent vaccine information across language barriers, 12 p.m. EST April 4
    When COVID-19 vaccines became available, removing barriers to the vaccine for new immigrants and non-English speaking communities took some creativity — and collaboration. One small-town hospital in southern Indiana worked with local schools, churches and nonprofits to form a Hispanic health task force, and worked with a group of trilingual high school students to get vaccine information to residents who speak a rare language.

    Learn how they did it, and why building trust will continue to pay off. Register for the event here.

Past events:

  • The breaking point: How the mental health system is failing children
    As the pandemic continues, it's clear many children are feeling the long-term effects — lockdowns, uncertainty and isolation. With few child psychiatrists, therapists or direct-care experts to treat young people, families are often left without options. WFYI and Side Effects Public Media health reporter Carter Barrett hosted discussion on this emerging mental health crisis and the solutions that families and youth can turn to.

    Panelists included Julie Hill, School Counselor (Grades 9-12 A-I)/Department Chair, Western Boone Jr/Sr High and Denise A. Senter, LMHC, Director of Mental Health and Clinical Services.

    Read a summary of the event and watch a recording of it here.

  • Treating racism as a public health crisis
    After Marion County, Indiana declared racism a public health crisis, local hospitals made a commitment to address health disparities affecting the Black community. One year later, what progress have they made? Farah Yousry, reporter for the Indianapolis Recorder and Side Effects Public Media, and IUPUI professor Joseph Tucker Edmonds had a conversation with local hospital CEOs to find out.

    Read a summary of the event and watch a recording of it here.

  • Understanding healthy relationships
    Nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year. Indianapolis Recorder Editor Oseye Boyd and guests discussed preventing relationship violence among teens, how to promote healthy relationships, and where to get help.

    Guests included Danyette Smith, founder of Silent No More; and Lindsay Hill Stawick, Associate Director of the Domestic Violence Network.

    Read a summary of the event and watch the full video here.

  • What the latest COVID data means for you
    Statewide and local numbers on COVID-19 cases, positivity rates, deaths, schools, long-term care facilities, vaccinations and more are available to the public. How can you use those numbers to make decisions? IPB News, Side Effects Public Media and data experts share how to find COVID data, how to stay informed, how to best understand and use data to guide decision-making.

    Guests included Micah Pollak, associate professor of economics at IU Northwest; Brian Dixon, director of public health informatics at Regenstrief Institute; and Lauren Chapman, IPB News digital editor.

    Read a summary of the event and watch the full video here.

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