How To Republish/FAQs

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Side Effects is a free news service—that means any outlet is free to republish our stories under creative commons licenses. A few things to keep in mind: All bylines and hyperlinks must be preserved, as well as the footer at the bottom that says “This story was produced by Side Effects Public Media.” We also want you to include our tracking code (see below).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I republish a story?

At the top of every original post, you will see a green button that says “republish this story.” That will take you to a page with the source code for the story (for quick digital republication) and NPR API and ID codes (for public radio and television stations.) Outlets are free to rebuild the story in their own content management systems. If going that route, we ask that you insert our tracker, which is at the bottom of the page, into your source code (just follow the instructions.)

What’s the tracking code and why is it important?

The tracking code is a hidden tool that lets Side Effects know how many people see our stories. It’s completely hidden behind-the-scenes, so readers won’t see anything in the body of the text (it also doesn’t track people’s personal information—just counts how many people see the story.) This is important because it helps us keep track of what stories are making the most impact on readers.

Can I edit Side Effects stories for my own publication?

We ask that you only edit for clarity of place and time (For example, “last week” instead of “yesterday”) or to fit your house style (most Side Effects stories follow AP Style.) If you need to write your own headline, that’s OK, too.

How do I properly credit Side Effects?

We prefer to be mentioned in the byline (for example, “Emily Forman – Side Effects Public Media”) as well as in the footer at the end of the piece (which should exist in the body of the story already.)

What about pictures?

You are free to use our photos as well as our stories—just check to see if a member of the Side Effects staff is credited as the photographer. Other pictures (stock photos, AP photos) require licensing to republish, so check with your organization.

Are all stories on the Side Effects website available for republication?

In short, no. Our web site also publishes NPR and member station pieces. Only original Side Effects content is available for republication—if you see a green republish button at the top of the page, you’re in the clear. You can also see a cache of all of our original content by clicking on the “Stories for Republication” link in the News Service drop-down menu.

I love what you do! How can I support Side Effects?

If you like us, let people know! If you use one of our stories, give us a shout out on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. And keep sharing our stories—check back often, the site is updated multiple times a week.

I still have a question. Whom can I contact?

Contact Deborah Jones, Distribution and Impact manager, at or (317) 614-0444.