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From Addiction To Recovery In Indiana, Legionnaire's In The Bronx: Weekly Roundup for August 1-7

 Legionella pneumophila bacteria
Janice Haney Carr
Legionella pneumophila bacteria

Also, troubling side effects of the crackdown on prescription painkiller abuse, an easier choice near the end of life, and drug companies find a sneaky way to pay doctors.

Legionnaire's Disease Kills Ten, Infects 100 in New York City

The elderly and people with respiratory illness are most vulnerable to the legionella bacteria, which can dwell in air conditioning systems and water cooling towers. The Washington Post has this helpful explainer

One Man's Path To Recovery

Our new podcast "Sick" tells the story of Kevin Polly, a drug user who has to leave his town behind in order to save his own life, in the midst of a historic HIV outbreak. 

Pain Patients Say They're Going Without Meds Thanks to Prescription Narcotics Crackdown

Side Effects has reported extensively on prescription painkiller and heroin addiction and prevention efforts, like programs that limit the amount of medication pharmacies can dispense. A storyfrom Kaiser Health News this week looked at the dark side of these restrictions: people in great pain who can't get their prescriptions filled. 

Choosing Between Life and Death May Become A Little Easier

The way the rules are written, Medicare covers either life-prolonging treatment or palliative care. But in an experiment aimed at reducing costs, thousands of patients will be able to chose both, as Stateline reports. 

Drug Companies Pay Big Bucks for Doctors' Continuing Education

Drug industry payments to companies that sponsor medical lectures for doctors  rose 25 percent between 2011 and 2014, according to a Boston Globe report.

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