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Weekly News Roundup For September 5, 2015

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America's Biggest Health Problems Are Societal, Not Genetic

Precision medicine, a new model of healthcare in which physicians use information about a patient’s particular genetic makeup to treat disease, has a lot of important people excited. But skeptics argue that the funding headed for genetic research would be better spent elsewhere. Side Effects reporter Andrea Muraskin spoke with one of them to learn why. 

With More Bicyclists Come More Injuries

Hospital admissions for cycling-related injuries have shot up in recent years, according to research out this week. But some age groups are getting hurt more than others, as NPR reports

Shortage Of Black Doctors Affects Patient Care

Studies show a racial bias against people of color when it comes to patient care. There are substantial barriers to increasing the number of black doctors, but the University of Louisville School of Medicine is trying to change that. WFPL has the story

California Moves To Stop Over-Medication Of Foster Care Kids

Scathing reports have shown that foster children in California are routinely dosed with psychiatric drugs, but state legislators are pushing for massive reform, as Youth Today reports

Healthcare Reform Leaves Out Many Low-Income Immigrants

Undocumented immigrants are ineligible for health insurance, and even green card-holders have to wait years to get Medicaid in many states. But are we spending more to treat those left out of the system? Side Effects'  Bram Sable-Smith reports.

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