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Weekly Round-Up: One Dad's Rant, A Roving Senior Center, Military Medicine on the Test

Agnes Conradt and Evie Kosower play Mexican train with their neighbors, Oct. 12, 2015.
Brian Myers
Media Arts Center San Diego

Routine HPV Vaccination Reminder Sparks Controversy In Indiana

Side Effects' Jake Harper reports on the effects of one father's rant (calling the Indiana government "papa bear"). The dad was upset that the Indiana Health Department had sent a letter urging his teenage daughter to get vaccinated against human papillomavirus. Of course, public health advocates argue those letters can save lives.

Roving Senior Center Pops Up in San Diego

We actually watched this one -- we wanted to see what the game "Mexican Train" looks like. KPBS captured the game at a mobile senior center in San Diego that hops from one house to another in a neighborhood that lacks a formal hub for activities and services.

What it Takes to Keep HIV+ Moms in Treatment After Giving Birth

Philadelphia is really good at caring for pregnant women who are HIV-positive, which goes a long way toward making sure their babies are born healthy. But WHYY's The Pulse found it takes another effort to keep the new moms in treatment.

It’s On The Test: Licensing Exam Now Requires Doctors To Learn About Military Medicine

Starting soon, doctors will have to ask patients, "Have you or a loved one been deployed?" Good question. Veterans face a unique set of medical problems and as Kaiser Health News reports, med schools will now have to teach doctors about things like post-traumatic stress disorder and Agent Orange exposure.

Lack Of Local Prenatal Care Forces Tough Choices For Rural Florida Women

Sometimes, when a woman's water breaks, it's a long long way to the hospital. And Health News Florida reports it's a long way to the doctor for those critical prenatal visits too, in a seven-county stretch of North Central Florida where health departments have stopped offering prenatal care.