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AMA Wants A Ban On Rx Drug Ads, Doctors Charge More To Get Sued Less, And More: Weekly Roundup

CT scan machine
At the other end of this CT scan is a big fat bill.

What we're reading this week in public health

More Hospital Charges, Fewer Malpractice Suits

Many doctors are conducting tests and procedures that aren't medically necessary to guard against getting sued for malpractice. It's called defensive medicine, and its working... at least for the doctors. KPCC's Rebecca Plevin digs in to the data

EPA Updates Farmworker Pesticide Rules For the First Time in 23 Years

If you're a farmworker, chances are you're going to be exposed to pesticides on the job. New EPA rules aim to reduce the harms of those exposures. But advocates say not enough is being done to enforce the rules already on the books. From Western New York's apple orchards, Side Effects' Michelle Faust reports.

Ask Your Doctor About Cialis or Ambien Or Stelara Or Abilify....Or Not!

You've probably seen commercials for medications to treat everything from erectile dysfunction to psoriasis. But this week the American Medical Association called for a ban on Rx drug advertising, saying the ads drive up prices and steer patients in the wrong direction. The Verge reports.  

Study Finds Computers Don't Make Good Therapists

Around the world, there are more people with mental health needs than there are therapists to treat them. So could technology help? Results of a new study from the UK show little promise for replacing therapisits with software. But computers can still play a roleWBUR's Commonhealth has more