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Gender Inequity In Research, How The Amish Do Healthcare, A Case For Hep C Testing: Weekly Roundup

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What we're reading this week

For Cash-Strapped Rural Hospitals, Amish Could Be Part Of The Solution

Amish and Mennonite communities generally shun health insurance. Instead they pay cash, sometimes traveling far for the best price. Now some hospitals are trying to keep those patients close to home. From Missouri, Side Effects' Bram Sable-Smith reports

NIH Funds More Research Involving Women, But Fails To Track Their Outcomes Separately From Men

There are differences between the way men and women experience Alzheimer's, heart disease and lung cancer - and researchers say those conditions are probably just the tip of the iceberg. Congress asked the NIH to advance research on women years ago, but a new report says the agency is coming up short, as Kaiser Health News reports

Spotlight On Hep C

Did you know complications from Hepatitis C kill more Americans than AIDS? Last week  WHYY's The Pulse reported the story of a young doctor who found out he had the virus by accident, but had probably been carrying it since infancy. And host Malken Scott spoke with an NYU medical ethicist who believes that many more of us should be getting tested

When Marriage Makes Healthcare Unaffordable

It's called the "family glitch" - a rule in the Affordable Care Act that says if your spouse is offered family coverage through an employer, you're not eligible for subsidies on the individual marketplace. But what happens when the employer's insurance costs more than you can payHealth News Florida has one young mother's story

College Students Go Donuts For Charity Marathon, And A Kids' Clinic Gets A Very Odd Name

If the cause is good, does the name we give it matter? Rather than trying explain, we're just going to let this story from NPR speak for itself