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More women are choosing to have bilateral mastectomies when they are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, even though there's little evidence that removing both breasts improves their survival compared with more conservative treatments.

The biggest study yet on the question has found no survival benefit with bilateral mastectomy compared with breast-conserving surgery with radiation.

Cell Plasticity May Provide Clues To Origin Of Aggressive Type Of Breast Cancer

Aug 6, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS -- Healthy breast cells may be able to reinvent themselves -- some have the flexibility to change after they are mature -- which leads researchers to postulate that similarities exist between this occurrence and the origins of a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer.

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Indiana University cancer researchers are targeting genetic errors as they mold personalized treatment for patients with triple-negative breast cancer. Dr. Bryan Schneider, an associate professor of medicine at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center and medical oncologist, is leading the study. 

A form of mammogram that takes multiple images does a slightly better job of finding tumors and reducing women's risk of having to be scanned again, a study finds.

It's the biggest study yet to look at tomosynthesis, also called 3-D mammograms. But it's still unclear if using this kind of mammogram increases a woman's odds of surviving breast cancer, the researchers say.

Rather, it found that the 3-D mammograms reduced the rate of recalls, where women had to have more scanning or a biopsy, by 1.6 percent.

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