Childhood trauma

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Dr. Wanda Thruston and Dr. Barb Pierce are examining what they call a “wicked problem” – helping children deal with trauma and violence. We sat down with the professors from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis to discuss their work.

School Counselors Take On At-Home Trauma In The Classroom

May 6, 2016
Faculty at Cristo Rey High School in Philadelphia get one full day a week to collaborate and strategize about how to meet the specific needs of individual students.
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School counselor Pam Turner-Bunyon had been warned: This new, incoming student had a dark profile and was prone to very erratic behavior.

"When he first came to us, he ran out of the building, the first day — the very first day — instead of coming in, he ran," she said.

Turner-Bunyon learned what happened and immediately took off, dashing out into the crime-prone streets that surround the school.

"I found out he was running so I went and chased him down, and coaxed him back in and we worked to develop safety places in the building," she said.


Providence, Rhode Island To Embed Behavioral Health Specialists In Schools

Apr 4, 2016
Mayor Jorge Elorza announces the new behavioral health program for Providence public schools.
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Mental health services for children can be difficult to access in Rhode Island. But a new public-private partnership is trying to make those services easier to access at some Providence public schools.

Study Links Kindergartners’ Stumbles With Rocky Home Lives

Feb 29, 2016
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Very young children who endure neglect, abuse and dysfunctional home lives go on to struggle as kindergartners, leaving them at risk for more difficult years as adolescents and adults, a new study finds.

Chicago Teens And Combat Veterans Join Forces To Process Trauma

Jan 26, 2016

If you took a map of Chicago and put down a tack for each person shot last year, you'd need nearly 3,000 tacks.

Of those, 101 would be clustered in the neighborhood of East Garfield Park. That's where 15-year-old Jim Courtney-Clarks lives.

"To be honest, I really don't like it," Courtney-Clarks says. "Every time you look up somebody else is getting killed, and I never know if it's me or somebody I am really close to."

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Both emotional stress and a desire to divert the attention of men drive many victims of child sexual abuse to become obese or develop eating disorders, according to a recent report in The Atlantic. If they lose weight through diet or exercise, these women often gain it back. Experts say to make a permanent change to a healthily weight, you need to address the underlying trauma, but resources for psychological and psychiatric treatment are limited.

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New policy from the American Academy of Pediatrics urges doctors to consider the precarious situation of foster children.
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The job of caring for foster children officially falls to state and county child welfare agencies. But in a new policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics is asking physicians to take a more active role in ensuring the wellbeing of foster kids in their care.

Stemming The Cycle Of Toxic Stress – For The Kids’ Sake

Sep 25, 2015
Children exposed to "toxic stress" are at risk for problems throughout their lives.
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PORTLAND—Samantha McVey brought her 4-month-old daughter, Ruby, to The Children’s Clinic for a routine check-up and vaccinations. But within minutes of sitting down with Dr. R.J. Gillespie, McVey was describing her turbulent childhood with a drug-addicted father who spent time in prison.

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Are Traumatized Students Disabled? A Debate Straight Outta Compton

Aug 20, 2015

An unprecedented, class action lawsuit brought against one Southern California school district and its top officials could have a big impact on schools across the country.

On Thursday in Los Angeles, a U.S. District Court judge will preside over the first hearing in the suit against the Compton Unified School District. To understand the complaint, you need to understand Compton.

It's not easy for a child who has had mental health issues to make a successful transition into adulthood. But even children who have symptoms that are mild enough that they wouldn't be diagnosed are more likely to struggle with life as adults, a study finds.