When Cody Goodwin, of Independence, Missouri, was 24, he had already been hooked on opioids, including heroin, for years. His sister decided jail was the only way he could be cut off from drugs, so she reported him to the police. 

“I was mad at my sister at first, boy, you know, she got me locked up. I was upset. But now I look back and it saved my life,” Goodwin says.

When he got out, he found a methadone clinic where he could get medication-assisted treatment, but there was a catch that made him leery. If he wanted methadone, he’d have to do talk therapy as well.

Sound Medicine: August 10, 2008

Aug 10, 2008

Topics for this week include: Detecting Performance Enhancing Drugs, The "Power Stretch" Machine, Kids on Statin Drugs, Counselling Returning Veterans, Why Mosquitos Bite, Fish for a Healthy Heart