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COVID Vaccine Outreach Still Spotty In Latinx Community

Mar 1, 2021
Sebastián Martínez Valdivia / Side Effects Public Media

Through grainy video on a recent Facebook live event, Missouri health director Dr. Randall Williams explained who was currently eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. A moment later, an interpreter from the Mexican consulate in Kansas City provided a translation.

The live stream was the consulate’s idea.

Courtesty of Indiana Department of Health

As states distribute the COVID-19 vaccines, there are still plenty of questions about the process— and the vaccines. Here are some questions we received recently from community and audience members through our texting groups, the Midwest Checkup and the Indiana Two-Way. Answers come with help from health experts at Meedan’s Health Desk.

Rural Areas Face Challenges In COVID Vaccine Rollout

Feb 9, 2021
Natalie Krebs / Side Effects Public Media

Across the Midwest, the rollout of COVID vaccines has been spotty. Lots of people are having a trouble with online signups. And vaccine demand far exceeds supply. That’s made the process challenging, especially in rural areas. 

Knox County Public Library

As the COVID vaccine rollout continues, Midwesterners have a lot of questions about distribution plans — and the vaccine itself. One state is getting help from a surprising place: public libraries.

Questions About COVID Vaccines? Two Scientists Explain.

Feb 2, 2021
A man sitting in front of a lab bench, taking off gloves.
Keith Gagnon

The COVID-19 vaccines hold promise for ending the pandemic, and millions of Americans have received at least one shot. But 39% aren’t likely to get a vaccine, according to a December study from the Pew Research Center. One of the main reasons: a lack of trust in the research and development process.

Side Effects asked two scientists at Southern Illinois University’s School of Medicine about those reservations. 

Natalie Krebs / Side Effects Public Media

The work that people in public health do is often not very visible. It’s usually focused on long-term impacts like improving maternal health and encouraging flu shots. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. last spring, public health workers were thrown into the spotlight seemingly overnight. And this sudden shift has taken a huge toll on them. 

COVID-19: El Proceso De Vacunación

Dec 28, 2020
Courtesty of Indiana State Department of Health

A medida que comienza el proceso de vacunación, America Amplified recopila y organiza las respuestas de los peritos ante las preguntas de los oyentes de la radio pública de todo el país. Estas preguntas provienen de nuestras emisoras asociadas.

Para la versión en inglés, haga clic aquí.

Courtesy of IU Health.

Medical professionals across the country are being vaccinated against COVID-19. For Dr. Gabriel Bosslet, a pulmonologist in Indianapolis, it was a day he'll never forget. He spoke with Side Effects Public Media's Carter Barrett, before getting the vaccine — and just hours after the first dose.

You Asked: Can I Get COVID-19 From The Vaccine?

Dec 18, 2020

States began receiving the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines this week, and more doses will follow. Each state has its own distribution plan, so check with your health department for specific information.  Meanwhile, here are answers to some of your general questions about the vaccines.

The new  COVID-19 vaccine is being rolled out across the country — a process that will take months. But there were hopeful signs Wednesday at an Indianapolis hospital where some of the first shots were given.

You Asked: Do COVID-19 Vaccines Have Side Effects?

Dec 14, 2020
(Provided by Indiana Department of Health)

States will begin receiving the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines this week, and many anticipate receiving more at least weekly. Every state has made their own vaccination plans, so check with your health department for specific information.  Meanwhile, here are answers to some of your general questions about the vaccines.

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Drug manufacturers have released promising early results for their COVID-19 vaccines, but skepticism among Americans remains high -- especially for African Americans, who the virus has hit harder than other groups.

Photo courtesy of AstraZeneca.

State health leaders are beginning to release their plans for distributing a COVID-19 vaccine — whenever one becomes available. 

Photo courtesy of Indiana University

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced Wednesday morning that its COVID-19 vaccine trial is on hold after a volunteer in the UK had an unexplained illness.

Photo courtesy of Indiana University

Update, Sept. 9, 2020: AstraZeneca announced that its COVID-19 vaccine trial is on hold. Read more.

The Indiana University School of Medicine announced it has been selected to participate in an international COVID-19 vaccine trial.