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The United States has the most advanced health care in the world. There are gleaming medical centers across the country where doctors cure cancers, transplant organs and bring people back from near death.

Farm Contractors Balk At Obamacare Requirements

Feb 10, 2016

Obamacare is putting the agricultural industry in a tizzy.

Many contractors who provide farm labor and must now offer workers health insurance are complaining loudly about the cost in their already low-margin business.

Some are also concerned that the forms they must file with the federal government under the Affordable Care Act will bring immigration problems to the fore. About half of the farm labor workforce in the U.S. is undocumented.

Companies Team Up To Get Better Value In Healthcare

Feb 9, 2016
D Gorenstein

Know what executives at Coca-Cola, IBM, Verizon and American Express have in common? A profound concern over how much they are paying every year for healthcare.

So 20 of the most recognizable names in corporate America have formed what they are calling the Health Transformation Alliance. The point is to share data about prices and outcomes and see if they can crack the healthcare black box to find some value.

Well, now 20 companies are ready to get dirty in data

2016 Obamacare Enrollment Tops Expectations At 12.7 Million

Feb 4, 2016

About 12.7 million Americans enrolled in private health insurance through the federal and state marketplaces for 2016, the Obama administration said Thursday.

Sign-ups in the third enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act’s online marketplaces — and the last that will be completed while President Barack Obama is in office — easily topped last year’s amount and also beat the administration’s forecast.

Starting in 2016, the federal health law requires small employers to offer their full-time workers health insurance. In anticipation of the change, some fast-food restaurants looked to get around the law by making more workers part time. Now some owners are rethinking that approach.

At a Burger King off Highway 99 in California's Central Valley, a half-dozen workers in black uniforms scurry around, grabbing packets of ketchup and stuffing paper bags with french fries.

Federal health officials have this message for people who want health insurance: Don't wait.

There are just four days left to sign up for an insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act, and officials from the Department of Health and Human Services are stressing that they won't extend the enrollment period this year beyond Jan. 31.

Lifesaving Flights Can Come With Life-Changing Bills

Jan 19, 2016

Butte is an old mining town, tucked away in the southwest corner of Montana with a population of about 34,000. Locals enjoy many things you can't find elsewhere — campgrounds a quick drive from downtown and gorgeous mountain ranges nearby. But in Butte, as in much of rural America, advanced medical care is absent.

People in Butte who experience serious trauma or need specialty care rely on air ambulance flights to get them the help they need.

Determining Whether A Marketplace Plan Covers Abortion Is Still Difficult

Jan 19, 2016

As the third open enrollment period winds down on the health insurance marketplaces, one thing hasn’t changed much since the online exchanges opened: It’s still often hard to find out whether a plan covers abortion services.

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Gottfried's Office

Colorado’s pending vote on universal health care this year has renewed discussion of the topic among health care reform advocates around the country. There are a handful of other states that have active movements promoting universal health care, or single-payer systems, including New York.

N.J. Factory Turns To Medicaid To Insure Lowest-Paid Employees

Jan 12, 2016

Butter-flavored popcorn oil is in high demand at Oasis Foods, a manufacturer of cooking oils, mayonnaise and other products that restaurants and distributors often purchase by the ton.

"We get a rush this time of year with all the movie-going at the holidays," says Duke Gillingham, president of Oasis, at his factory in Hillside, N.J., just west of Newark Liberty Airport.