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Representatives from an Indianapolis VA hospital, researchers and advocates gathered this week at WFYI to talk about access to mental health care for veterans, their caregivers and the barriers they may face. 

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Veterans Day is when America stops to thank those who have sacrificed to keep the country safe and free. This year, gratitude for their service includes a significant step to help keep them healthier.

Staff Sgt. Eric James, an Army sniper who served two tours in Iraq, paused before he walked into a psychiatrist's office at Fort Carson, Colo. It was April 3, 2014. James clicked record on his smartphone, and then tucked the phone and his car keys inside his cap as he walked through the door to the chair by the therapist's desk.

Intimate Partner Violence Among Military Women

Jul 18, 2014
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"About 60 percent of military women say they have received severe or repeated sexual harassment. 13 percent report sexual assault during their service. At the same time, another health issue involving women in the military has stayed mostly below the radar. That's the issue of intimate partner violence," says host Barbara Lewis. 

A recent report from the Journal of Women's Health brought attention to the issue of intimate partner violence among military women.

Bryant Webber, M.D., discusses a new study that measures atherosclerosis in military personnel killed between 2001 and 2011.