New York

In Betsy Irish’s room, it’s all about the music. There is a big boom box in the corner, framed CD jackets and a special box just for Christmas music.

She’s hanging out with her dad, David Irish, at her group house in a suburb of Rochester, N.Y. They’re doing one of their usual activities — reading the dictionary.

Karen Shakerdge

David Hutchinson got health insurance for the first time in his life about a year ago. Now he’s worried he might lose it.

Blue Cross Blue Shield offices in Lansing, Michigan. The health insurer has requested increases of 10-11% on its Michigan insurance plans for 2016
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan/

The cost of health insurance premiums - the amount you pay each month for your plan -  will likely go up in 2016. If state governments approve insurers’ proposed hikes, the average cost for the most common health plans on the federal and state health insurance marketplaces will increase by 14 percent, according to an analysis of proposed rates by HealthPocket, an insurance research and comparison site.

Dr. Craig Spencer, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in New York City, has been declared free of the virus and will be released from the hospital, according to a statement from the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation:

"After a rigorous course of treatment and testing, Dr. Craig Spencer — the patient admitted and diagnosed with Ebola Disease Virus at HHC Bellevue Hospital Center — has been declared free of the virus. Dr. Spencer poses no public health risk and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, Tuesday, November 11th."

Residents of an upstate New York town who've long associated their illnesses with the air they breathe may finally get some answers about the health effects of living next to a toxic polluter.

The town of Tonawanda lies in the shadow of Tonawanda Coke Corp., whose ovens heat coal into material used for the iron and steel industries, and release toxic chemicals into the air.