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For COVID-19 Patients, Recovery Often Takes Months

Sep 17, 2020
A woman in a wheelchair with two younger women standing next to her.
Southern Illinois Healthcare

Across the Midwest, COVID-19 cases are rising. And some survivors are still recovering — months after coming down with the disease. Karen Campbell is one of them.

Share Your Recovery Story With Side Effects

Dec 18, 2015
Portland Prevention via Wikimedia Commons

In 2015, Side Effects’ first year, one public health issue has surfaced over and over again - America’s opioid addiction crisis. From users in rural Indiana finding out they’re HIV positive to babies born into withdrawal in West Virginia to the life-saving drug naloxone climbing in price, we’ve seen a lot of sad stories this year. But we’ve also seen signs of hope. As the year winds down we’re going to focus on recovery. And with so many Americans affected by this issue, we’re reaching out to our readers.