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More nurse practitioners are stepping up to meet the needs of Hoosier patients as Indiana grapples with a shortage of primary care doctors.

Southern, Midwestern States Tackle A Severe Doctor Shortage

Jun 16, 2016
The first class of medical students gathered last week to mark the opening of a branch of the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine on the campus of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. Starting new branches of medical school
Arkansas State University

Earlier this month, dignitaries gathered at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro to cut the ribbon on a new medical school, only the second in a state with a dire shortage of doctors.

Rise Of Medical Power Couples Makes It Harder To Recruit Doctors To Rural Areas

Mar 2, 2016
Bobby Troup and Julie London played opposite each other as doctor and nurse in the 1970s TV program "Emergency!".
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If someone is well-educated, the odds are that he or she will marry someone with similar credentials, according to census data. And that trend has consequences when it comes to access to health care in rural areas.

Rural areas have for years been facing a doctor shortage. That means for the roughly 20 percent of Americans who live in those areas, it’s harder to get care when it’s needed. Policymakers have been trying to create programs that offer medical debt forgiveness and other incentives to doctors willing to set up shop away from the city. But a research letter published Tuesday in JAMA highlights how a key demographic change — the rise of power couples — is stacking the deck against these efforts.


There’s a serious doctor shortage in the United States and the problem is set to get worse if medical schools don't increase the number of physicians they train.

According to a 2015 report prepared for the ​Association of American Medical Colleges, the demand for physicians-- especially primary care doctors--is growing faster than the supply. The analysis projects there will be a shortage of 46,100 to 90,400 physicians by 2025. 

Can Cash Incentives Improve Rural Mental Health Access?

Aug 14, 2015
Psychiatry studuent Karen Duong moved to Hereford Tex., population 15,000  to help address the rural mental health shortage.
Karen Duong

There are dozens of counties in Texas without even one physician. There are even more without a psychiatrist. So how do you convince young medical school students to become psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists? And to move to places that have more cows than people?

One state lawmaker says a bill to award dollar bills would be a good place to start.

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