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Women have choices in contraception, from pills and injections to intrauterine devices and the NuvaRing. But when women discuss birth control with their doctors, they may not be getting all the information they want, a survey finds.

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Neil Segal, M.D., and researchers found that women lost some of the height in their arches during and after pregnancy. This may be due to the additional weight carried during pregnancy. Additional research may show that arch support during pregnancy can prevent problems arch problems down the road.

Hospitals are increasingly giving women the option of going through labor or giving birth in a pool of warm water. Laboring in the tub is fine, the nation's obstetricians and pediatricians say, but there's not enough proof that it's safe to actually give birth in one.

The doctors' statement has raised eyebrows among nurse-midwives, who have been helping women deliver in water for decades in order to ease pain and speed delivery.