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The federal government recently raised the smoking age to 21 to help curb teen vaping.  Some are applauding the decision as a win for public health. Others worry it was a knee-jerk reaction.


The Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday they will take steps to crack down on the sale of e-cigarette products to children and teenagers. More than two million middle and high school students used e-cigarettes in 2016 and that number has continued to grow.

We hear it from smokers struggling to quit all the time: "If only they'd make it illegal, then I'd have to quit."

Research Identifies Anhedonia As A Reason Smokers Struggle To Quit

Nov 14, 2014

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have identified a key reason smokers struggle so much to break their addiction.

After quitting, many smokers suffer from anhedonia, a pervasive inability to experience pleasure during life activities that one normally enjoys, according to a paper set to be published by the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

CVS Caremark has pulled cigarettes from its shelves a month ahead of schedule.

In February, CVS, one of the nation's largest drugstore chains, said it would stop selling tobacco products by October, despite the profits they brought the company. Now cigarettes in the company's stores are history.

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“The FDA’s extended comment period on how to regulate electronic cigarettes ended this week. But there's still no time table for issuing final guidelines... The concern among many physicians is that the battery-powered devices are delivering not just nicotine vapor, but other chemicals as well, including flavors that might attract younger smokers. The regulations proposed back in April would ban sale of e-cigs to anyone under 18 and would add warning labels and would require new devices to be approved before they could be sold. Dr. Michael Fiore is the founding director of University of Wisconsin’s Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention," says host Barbara Lewis.