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Did you know that cell phone usage may be an indicator of brain dominance?

It’s summer, and that means allergies for humans and pets. Pets can be allergic to flea bites, inhaled allergens such as pollen, and ingredients in their food. When people inhale allergens, they typically have an itchy nose, sneezing and swollen eyes. When pets inhale allergens, their skin becomes itchy and they could lose hair, says Elizabeth Murphy, DVM. In extreme cases, veterinarians can test pets for allergies and administer injections to help de-sensitize them to specific allergens.

Young Children And Cough, Cold Medication

Jun 2, 2014

A new poll shows that 40 percent of parents give cough and cold medication to children under 4, even though label recommendations advise against it. According to "Sound Medicine" healthy living expert Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, M.D., a study done in 2008 showed children younger than 4 who received these medications actually had a worse outcome; some cases even resulted in death. Parents have several alternatives when their child has a stuffy nose, such as bulb syringes, sleeping sitting up and salt-water cleanses.

The ACCORD Study

Jun 2, 2014

Did you know that having a pet may lower your risk for heart disease?

In 1983, a morning sickness medication called Bendectin was taken off the market after hundreds of lawsuits claimed the drug caused birth defects. According to Men-Jean Lee, M.D., there was no scientific evidence linking Bendectin to birth defects, but distributor Merrell Dow bowed to pressure and pulled it from the market. After rigorous re-testing, the Food and Drug Administration re-approved the drug, but under the new name Diclegis. Dr. Lee assures patients and listeners that Diclegis is completely safe and says she has no qualms about prescribing it.

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Did you know that playing video games may help people make smarter health choices?

David Crabb, M.D., joins "Sound Medicine" to discuss the recent news coverage regarding an infant who was functionally cured of HIV. A functional cure means the level of HIV in the blood is at a very low level without taking prescription medication. According to Dr. Crabb, most of the functional cures that have been reported were from people diagnosed in the early stages of HIV. A functional cure doesn’t mean that the HIV is gone, but it does provide hope for those infected with the virus.

Is Scratching Dangerous For Pets?

May 31, 2014

Last week, regular ‘Sound Medicine’ guest Elizabeth Murphy, DVM, discussed the side effects of allergies in pets, which include itchy skin. According to Dr. Murphy, itching leads to scratching, which can be a vicious cycle for many pets with allergies. In the process of itching and scratching, pets can actually tear off the outer layer of skin, which leads to skin infections. To treat allergies and reduce skin inflammation, veterinarians recommend antihistamines, fatty acid supplements and, in extreme cases, cortisone.