Addiction and Drug Use

Sound Medicine: April 20, 2014

Apr 20, 2014

The "Sound Medicine" program for April 20

  • Ebola outbreak in Guinea
  • The "gate-keeping" role of pharmacists
  • Insurance coverage of rehabilitation for prescription painkiller addiction

Marijuana As Medical Therapy

Jan 26, 2014

Sound Medicine: January 5, 2014

Jan 5, 2014

The “Sound Medicine” program for January 5, 2014

  • Waking up to opioids and stopping the cycle of addiction 

Sound Medicine: July 13, 2008

Jul 13, 2008

Topics for this week include: Biosurveillance in Public Health; Did You Know?: White Blood Cells Fight Cancer; Doc Chat: Pandemic Influenza Summit in Indianapolis; Checkup: Music as Therapy; Researching the "Hunger Hormone"; Advice from a Former Food Addict