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Health News Headlines: Decline In Type 2 Diabetes Cases; Heart Attack Prevention For Men

Dwight Knox/

The CDC reported this week that there is a slow down in the number of new cases of Type 2 diabetes

"That’s a turnaround after a 20-year period when the number of people being diagnosed with the disease doubled. The report in JAMA says that while the modest decline is good, Type 2 diabetes is still a growing problem for black, Hispanic and elderly populations and the cost of treating it continues to be a costly stress on the American health care system. In 2012, the U.S. spent 245 billion dollars on diabetes and its complications... Swedish researchers have developed five health habits they say can save middle-aged men. Scientists followed 20,000 men asking them to follow five not-so-simple steps. Eleven years later, 212 men had followed all of those suggestions and only three suffered a heart attack. 1700 participants did nothing at all and all of them suffered a heart attack. So here’s the list: Watch their diet, exercise on a regular basis, lift weights, stop smoking and have just one drink a day."