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Side Effects Public Mediapublic health, personal stories.

We’re a health news service exploring the impacts of place, policy and economics on Americans’ health.

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Our award-winning reporting centers personal stories as we expose injustices, explain complex policy issues and highlight solutions to long-standing health inequities.

Focus areas include: mental health and addiction, rural health, criminal justice, health inequities caused by barriers to care for marginalized communities.

We are a collaboration of journalists based at:

  • WFYI (Indianapolis, Indiana) — Side Effects headquarters
  • Iowa Public Radio (Des Moines, Iowa) 
  • KBIA (Columbia, Missouri) 
  • WFPL (Louisville, Kentucky) 
  • WSIU (Carbondale, Illinois) 

In addition, Side Effects works collaboratively with other Midwest NPR stations and shares a WFYI-based healthy equity reporter with the Indianapolis Recorder newspaper. We also partner with Tradeoffs — a podcast exploring our confusing, costly and often counterintuitive health care system.

Our stories reach national audiences through reporting partnerships with NPR, Kaiser Health News, Science Friday and Tradeoffs.

Learn more about how to republish our work, or contribute to our collaboration, here.

You can support Side Effects Public Media by making a gift to WFYI Public Media here. Gifts to our partner stations in Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky and Illinois will also support Side Effects reporters based at those newsrooms.

Side Effects Public Media is a project of WFYI Public Media and is funded by individual contributions and grants from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation. Previous funders include PRX, NIHCM and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Christine Herman
Managing Editor, Side Effects Public Media