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Side Effects Public Media - Public health, personal stories.

We’re a health news service exploring the impacts of place, policy and economics on Americans’ health. Our award-winning reporting sheds light on root causes of community-wide issues—including mental health treatment in schoolshealth care challenges faced by immigrants and refugees, and ways people work around the health care system—as well as new efforts to solve them. It has been heard nationally on NPR and published in news outlets around the country. 


We're headquartered at WFYI Public Media in Indianapolis, and work in partnership with: 


  • Iowa Public Radio (Des Moines, Iowa) 

  • KBIA (Columbia, Missouri) 

  • WFPL (Louisville, Kentucky) 

  • WILL (Champaign, Illinois) 

  • WNIN (Evansville, Indiana) 

  • WOSU (Columbus, Ohio) 

  • WSIU (Carbondale, Illinois) 

We also work with contributing reporters from around the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

Our work has been heard nationally on NPR and published in news outlets around the country.

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Side Effects Public Media is a project of WFYI Public Media. It's funded by individual contributions and grants from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, PRX and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 


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