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Recovery: Obstacles & New Approaches

In the grips of an opioid addiction epidemic, many communities are increasing efforts to prevent overdose or stem the easy access to drugs. Meanwhile, long-term recovery for many people struggling with addiction remains elusive.

Despite advances, addiction has strikingly high relapse rates. This series explores obstacles that hold people back from treatment and new approaches to care that can help people stay well in the long term  

For People Recovering From Addiction, Insurance Rules Can Be A Big Obstacle
Buprenorphine is a drug that’s been proven effective in helping people addicted to opioids stick to long-term recovery. But insurance companies make it really hard to get on and stay on the medicine. Jake Harper reports from Indianapolis.

New Addiction Treatment Brings New System For Doctors To Navigate
A new treatment delivers long-term relief from the pangs of withdrawal and the temptation to relapse. But will doctors be able to adapt their practices to actually use the innovation? Karen Shakerdge reports from New York.

Why Peer Support Is Playing A Growing Role In Addiction Recovery
Peer counselors are gaining respect and joining many addiction treatment teams. Most states certify the function, but few will pay for it. Bram Sable-Smith reports from Missouri.

Playing a New Role—On Stage—Can Help People Stay In Recovery From Addiction
Living with active addiction can keep a person busy, almost like a job. That’s why occupational therapy researchers think giving people in recovery something equally consuming to do--such as acting in a play--may be part of the cure. Jill Sheridan reports from Indianapolis.