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Sipuazi kan on ṭhan tikah zeitindah dam tein ka um khawh lai?

courtesy of Kelly Harper Berkson
Indiana University linguistics professor Kelly Harper Berkson with members of the Chin Languages Research Project. From left to right, Peng Hlei Thang, Thomas Thawngza, Zai Sung, Kelly Harper Berkson, Sui Hnem Par, James C. Wamsley, Samson Lotven.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Side Effects is answering questions from our audience about the virus. To reach a larger audience, we've partnered with Indiana University linguistics professor Kelly Harper Berkson and the Chin Languages Research Project to provide information to the Burmese-American community. Side Effects reporter Darian Benson wrote the original Q&A; IU students Peng Hlei Thang and Kimberly Sakhong provided the translation.


Sipuazi kan on ṭhan tikah zeitindah dam tein ka um khawh lai?

Zawtnak hrik hi sipuazi kan on ko hmanh zongah a tlau rih lo ti hi kan theih a herh. Ka zaw kho ti ruahnak bantuk tein ralring tein ṭhutdir kha a biapi tuk tiahh Indiana Health Commissioner Kris Box nih a chim. A si khawh chungin kut ṭawl, hmai i huh silole tual leng ah tonnak cu ngeih ding a si.         

Hmai huh hi ka hman a herh maw? Exercise ka tuah ah teh hmai huh ka hman a hau maw?

Hmai huh cu zapi sin chuah tikah hman ding ah forhfial a si, cun cheukhat hmunhma ah cun hmai huh pakhat khat cu hman hrimhrim ding ti a si. Hmai huh nih cun midang kha COVID-19 zawtnak kan chonh nak hnga lo a kham tiah U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bu nih an ti. Hmai huh nih cun na kaa le hnar kha a huh ding a si- na hmai le hmai huh kha zapi sin na chuah tikah tongh lo ding kha philh hlah. Ngakchia kum 2 tanglei cu hmai huh i hruk awk a si lailo.

Hmai huh buin exercise tuah cu a har. Asinain zapi lak i exercise na tuah ahcun pe 6 (6 feet) tal cu midang he i hlat tiah Indiana’s Health Commissioner nih a chim.

Ka rianṭuan hawi cu January thla ah tlangrai cumpi khuhpah (flu), le taklinh a ngei. Cun, a tu tiang a khuh pah peng i COVID-19 ka rak ngei i a tu cu ka dam cang tiah aa ruah. Mah cu a si kho maw?

World Health Organization chim ning ah cun a si kho lo. “COVID-19 a rak ngei i a dam cangmi cu a zaw ṭhan kho ti lo ti langhternak tette zeihmanh a um lo” tiah WHO nih an chim.

Philh hlah, coronavirus zawtnak cu a thar a si- a si ning tak kan theihmi a tlawmte rih, a hleice in damhnak lei kong ah. Si tlawmpal cu a um nain cucu a ṭha tak le tak lo hi ngandamnak thiam sang lei hna nih lungfiang loin lungretheihnak an ngei rih.

This story was produced by Side Effects Public Media, a news collaborative covering public health.

Side Effects, Indiana Public Broadcasting and WFYI are asking Americans about health issues as part of the America Amplified: Election 2020 initiative. The public media initiative, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is using community engagement to inform and strengthen local, regional and national journalism. Follow the initiative on Twitter at @amplified2020.