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Trump's Historic Win Likely Means End To ACA

Gage Skidmore/via Flickr

Republicans have been trying for a long time to repeal -- and likely replace -- the Affordable Care Act. In fact, Congress has voted 60 times to repeal the law that has extended health insurance coverage to about 20 million people

Now that Donald Trump has been elected president, they have a real opportunity to do just that.

But what will they replace it with? Will it leave many people without health insurance and take back the Medicaid expansion?

We're just beginning to see what a President Trump might mean for American health care. At Politico, reporters and experts are already pointing to the low-hanging fruit that Trump can pick off on day one, and what he might have to wait a little longer to repeal. And the question remains: What will he do to improve the system?

Click below to read more from Politico on what's next:

Trump's historic upset likely means Obamacare is history, too