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Midwest Checkup

Now more than ever, it’s important for journalists to listen to their communities. That's why Side Effects Public Media created its Midwest Checkup tool to strengthen the connection between community members and reporters who cover health in the region.

Side Effects periodically texts members of the Midwest Checkup with questions on a topic such as the pandemic, health care costs or hospital access.

Here are some examples of what we use those responses for:

And we make sure members receive updates about the stories that result from your questions and input.

To join the Midwest Checkup text group, text “health” to 73224 or submit your phone number through the box below.

The Midwest Checkup launched as part of a $1.9 million national community engagement-based reporting initiative America Amplified, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. WFYI's Side Effects Public Media and statewide collaboration Indiana Public Broadcasting participated in the national partnership, and their community engagement journalism work has been featured nationally and used in national trainings.