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Weekly Roundup: The Little Pink Pill, The Dentist Comes To School And More

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What we're reading this week

Is the Approval of "Female Viagra" a Sign of Too Much Leniency at the FDA?

Vox reporter Julia Belluz points out that since the drug's earlier rejections by the FDA, it remains ineffective for most women. What has changed, she says, is the marketing.

White House Announces a New Strategy to Fight Heroin

The White House allocated $2.5 million to help report overdoses, distribute the overdose antidote naloxone, and stop the flow of heroin from Mexico, The Hill reports. But according to an article by Al Jazeera America, public health experts say the initiative doesn't do enough to help addicts recover and prevent the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C.

For Kids Who Can't Make it to the Dentist, the Dentist Comes to Them

Leaving work to take a kid to the dentist can be tough for low-income parents, so a Kansas school district arranges checkups and cleanings right down the hall, as Side Effects' Andrea Muraskin reports.

Is There A Link Between Teen Depression and Heart Disease?

Last week the American Heart Association released a statement calling on doctors to consider mood disorders when assessing teens for cardiovascular risk. Side Effects' Jake Harper interviewed the lead author of the study that spurred the statement.

Should Traumatized Youth Be Considered Disabled?

Teens coping with physical and sexual abuse, addicted parents, homelessness and a constant fear of violence are suing their school district in Compton, CA for recognition and help, as NPR reports.