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Grad Students At Risk of Losing Health Care, And More: Weekly News Roundup, Aug. 28

Becky Smith/Side Effects Public Media

A round-up of public health news from around the nation

New Research Could Make it Possible to Test Suicide Risk in the Lab

Could a genetic test save someone from taking their own life? Side Effects reporter Jake Harper reports on encouraging new research.

Why Are So Few Scientists Studying the Causes of Gun Violence?

In the wake of the on-camera shooting of two journalists in Roanoke Virginia this week, we're hearing the usual arguments for and against stricter gun laws. But what does science say about the relationship between guns and violence? It's hard to know, because a little-known law prohibits one of the nation's largest research funders--the Centers for Disease Control--from funding this kind of research, as the Takeaway reports

A Snafu at Missou HIghlights An Unsolved Obamacare Dilemma
The University of Missouri cancelled and then quickly reinstated graduate student health subsidies amid fierce protest. As Side Effects' Becky Smith reports, the situation revealed a puzzling unintended consequence of the ACA.

After Katrina, A New Public Health Paradigm Emerges In New Orleans

Though Hurricane Katrina destroyed the public hospital, access to healthcare for low income New Orleans residents is in some ways better than it was before the storm. But big gaps remain, as NPR reportedthis week.

Tax Procrastinators Could Lose Obamacare Subsidies

Time is running out for late taxpayers who want to keep their health insurance subsidies next year, as NBC news reports.

Could Health Insurance Be Convenient, Even Cool?

Oscar, a new mobile-friendly insurer that's been called "Uber for health insurance" is expanding from New York and New Jersey to California. Oscar says it's changing the game, but how much of it is just good marketing? Reporting on Health investigates.