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Mammograms, Hog Farms, Food Poisoning And More: Public Health News For 10/23/2015

John Fischer via Flickr
In this case, it's not love exactly.

A round-up of public health news from around the nation

When Does A Smell Become a Public Health Issue?

When you live next to a hog farm. Side Effects reporter Jake Harper takes us insidethe grassroots legal battle to restrict emissions from large farming operations - in a state where farmers may have the upper hand. 

The American Cancer Society Scales Back Mammogram Recs

In response to decades of research, the ACS guidelines are changing for the very first time, as the Boston Globe reports

Mental Health Integration Shows Statewide Results in Missouri

Imagine watching a loved one emerge sober or clean from a long battle with addiction, only to die as a result of diabetes or high blood pressure. Situations like this are tragically commonplace, but a new healthcare model in Missouri is making a big difference, Side Effects' Bram Sable-Smith has the story

Yelp: Public Health Ally or Fair-Weather Friend?

When an infectious bacteria outbreak sickened 80 people at a San Jose seafood restaurant last weekend, reviewers were sounding the alarm. But the website is not a democracy, as Kaiser Health News reports.