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Arts in Med School, Mental Health In Congress, Open Enrollment, And More: Weekly Roundup

Artist's depiction of a woman with chronic fatigue sydrome
Jem Yoshioka via Flickr
Artist's depiction of a woman with chronic fatigue sydrome

After Years In The Shadows, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets Funding

Chronic fatigue syndrome seems to suck the energy out of formerly healthy people of all ages, but doctors don't know why. This week, the NIH promised to ramp up research funding, while a controversial study in the UK suggests it may be a primarily psychological phenomenon. NPR has more.    

In Hopes Of Shaping Sensitive Doctors, Med Schools Expose Students To Art

No, it's not an Onion story! Some of the nation's top medical schools are adding arts to the curriculum -- so that doctors can learn what it's like to be, you know, human. From Boston, Stat News reports.

Narrower Insurance Networks May Cause Trouble For Patients Seeking Specialists

The open enrollment period to purchase individual health insurance for 2016 began Sunday, and consumers are being encouraged to shop around. But buyer beware: this time around, many of the less expensive plans don't allow you to see as many doctorsMarketplace explains

Violence Follows Budget Cuts At Florida's Mental Hospitals

As a Tampa Bay Times/ Sarasota Herald-Tribue investigation reveals, Florida's state-funded mental hospitals have become dangerous for both patients and staff.