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Investigation of Drug Prices, Sex Ed Funding At Risk, 1st ACA Deadline: Weekly Roundup

What we're reading this week:

Senators Investigate Spiraling Drug Prices

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle criticized drug companies for hiking prices on medicines that treat heart disease and toxoplasmosis in a committee hearing Wednesday."The companies we're investigating look more like hedge funds than they do traditional pharmaceutical companies," said Maine Republican Susan Collins. Reuters has more

First ACA Exchange Deadline Approaches

December 15 - next Tuesday - is the deadline to sign up for health insurance coverage that begins on January 1. Side Effects gathered essential info and insider tips in this open enrollment guide for our Indiana readers. (Out-of-staters may find it useful too).

To Get Hep C Treatment Before She Gets Sicker, Indiana Woman Sues State

In last week's roundup, we looked at why more of us might want to get tested for hepatitis C. But after a diagnosis - then what? Many state Medicaid programs don't pay for the effective, expensive drugs. Enter the Indiana ACLU. Side Effects' Jake Harper reports

Federal Funding For Teen Pregnancy Might Not Survive Budget Battles

According to the research, sex ed contributes to fewer teen pregnancies. Advocates say fewer pregnant teens means less poverty, better education, fewer abortions, and more. But funding for sex ed may be under the knife. Side Effects contributor Amy Gastelum reports