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Dissecting Sanders' Health Plan, Working Out At The Library, And More: Weekly Roundup

Michael Vadon via Flickr
Bernie Sanders released his healthcare plan Sunday, but some critics say it's too vague.

What We're Reading This Week

Doctors' Discrimination May "Protect" Minorities From Opioid Addiction Epidemic

While mortality rates for blacks and Hispanics are in decline, deaths among whites are on the rise -- due to drug overdose, according to a New York Times analysis. So why have minorities been spared?

New Federal Funds For Needle Exchange Are Welcome News In Rural Areas

For decades, federal has banned the use of federal funds to support needle exchange programs. At the end of last year, a couple of Kentucky Republicans led the charge to effectively remove the ban. For rural areas dealing with injection drug use and rising rates of hepatitis C, the news couldn't come soon enough - though  there are still barriers. Side Effects' Jake Harper reports

Ready for A Workout? Hit The Library

Nope, this is not a story about weight-lifting the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Find out why a Kansas City library is providing a free place to break a sweat. WHYY's The Pulse reports

Opinion: The Healthcare Mason-Dixon Line

In Texas - according to one opinion writer - the lack of a Medicaid expansion means a split between white haves and non-white have-nots. Read the columnin the Houston Chronicle, and let us know what you think. 

Bernie's Healthcare Plan Is Short On Details

In the Democratic debate Sunday, Clinton advocated for improving on the ACA, while Sanders said he wants to replace it with a single-payer system. But his actual plan says more about how he'd pay for it than how it would change healthcare, according to New York Times' blogger Margot Sanger-Katz. Read her column. Scratching your head about what exactly single-payer means exactly? Kaiser Health News has a helpful explainer