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This Week In Public Health: Teaching kids to sniff out bogus health claims. ... And More

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This week - Hogwash health claims dominate our world, scientists want to start kids early to dispel myths. ... The FDA says maybe you shouldn't wait to get your flu shot. ... For some people in America, life comes with a series of predictable emergencies. ... And IUDs work at preventing teen pregnancy, but who's going to pay for them?  ... These and more ...

A Life Of Predictable Emergencies: The Undocumented On Dialysis

For the estimated 5,500 undocumented immigrants in the U.S. with kidney failure, going to the emergency room to have dialysis is a regular, normal thing. With no insurance to fall back on, the people typically have little choice other than to seek emergency care -- just to stay alive. Side Effects' Jake Harper produced this piece for Latino USA.

New Program Teaches Bystanders How To Stop Bleeding And Save Lives

Stopping bleeding in an emergency is not like it is in the movies. And there's cause to educate the public about it: “About a third of the deaths occur before the patient even gets to a hospital," says one researcher. A new program aimsto teach people how to tend to bleeding wounds to save lives--  reportsKERA's Stephanie Kuo.

More Young Women Are Using Long-Term Contraception

IUDs are 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, but the cost is often prohibitive, so some states are subsidizing the cost of these devices to push down the birth rate among teens,reports WFAE's Michael Tomsic.

NYS Law Will Require Mental Health Education In Schools

You can soon add mental health to the list of things -- including alcohol, drugs tobacco and even detection of cancers -- New York state mandates schoolchildren learn about. The Associated Press reportsthat a new law says schools have two years to integrate mental health education in their curriculum

Quick Hits

A new program wants to hone children's BS detector when it comes to false health claims. Look out TV docs.

The CDC says men who have been exposed to Zika should wait six months before trying to conceive a child, even if they show no symptoms.

Oh, also, the CDC says you should go get that flu shot now.

Conquering all disease. A pipe dream, right? Not for the new initiative using Zuckerberg's Facebook money.

We may be reaching the limit to how long a human can possibly live.

Finally, who makes money on a drug? This infographic tries to lay it all out.