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This Week In Public Health: Ex-Inmates Face Life Without Health Insurance. Life Expectancy Drops.

Philip Scott Andrews/for Kaiser Health News
Kara Salim, 26, got out of the Marion County, Indiana, jail in 2015. Without Medicaid coverage, she couldn’t afford the fees for court-ordered therapy to treat her bipolar disorder and alcoholism.";

This week - Modern technology means we're living longer than ever, right? Nope. ... Going 'bare down there' could expose you to more than just regret. ... New York is expanding Medicaid coverage for gender reassignment surgery.  ... These and more ...

Leaving Prison Behind Often Means Losing Health Coverage

Ernest killed his 2-year-old daughter during a psychotic delusion. After serving 24 years, he was released back into society -- but with only a month's worth of medication for his mental illness. For people leaving prison, re-entering society brings new challenges, not least of which is getting health coverage to help keep them stable. Side Effects' Jake Harper teams with Kaiser Health News and The Marshall Project to examine how big the problem is.

Life Expectancy Drops In U.S. For First Time In Decades

A drop in the life expectancy age for Americans to 78.8 from 78.9 might not seem like a big deal, but it's the first time that number has dropped since 1993. So why the fall? The usual culprits of heart disease and stroke deaths are up, but so are deaths from unintentional injuries and suicide, and obesity also is likely playing a hand, reports NPR's Rob Stein.

Another Reason Why Where You Live Matters: Medicaid Coverage Of Addiction Treatment

Not all states are created equal. This much we know, especially when it comes to funding health care. But a recent study found wide disparities in what sort of addiction treatment—if any—state Medicaid programs offer. For Kaiser Health News, Carmen Heredia Rodriguez reports that the variety of coverage across the nation also doesn't align along political lines.

Quick Hits

Um, enough said? "Frequent removal of pubic hair is associated with an increased risk for herpes, syphilis and human papillomavirus," researchers say.

A bill to boost money for biomedical research and addiction treatment is on President Obama's desk awaiting his signature or veto.

Medicaid in New York will soon cover gender-reassignment surgery for youth.

Finally, the nation's top doctor says e-cigarette use by America's youth "is now a major public health concern."