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This Week In Public Health: Stocking Up On Birth Control, Big Sugar Lobbies D.C.

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This week - Some state lawmakers are busy trying to restrict what the federal government gives them for Medicaid. Yes, you read that correctly. ... Ahead of possible cuts, some women are stocking up on birth control. ... And "Big Candy" officials are lobbying the Trump administration with sugar on their lips (and minds) ... Read on ...

Can States Block Grant Medicaid Without Congress? Maybe.

Missouri State Senator David Sater is looking for ways to reduce the amount of money his state spends on Medicaid, because, as he sees it, “the Medicaid program is eating out lunch right now.” His idea, reports Bram Sable-Smith for Side Effects, is to voluntarily cap how much the state gets for the program, but can lawmakers do it? It's complicated.

Fearing Cuts, Some Women Stock Up On Birth Control

Christine Vestal reports for Stateline: "Nationwide, family planning clinics are seeing a surge in demand for contraceptive services, particularly long-acting IUDs and implants." The reason?Some fear a Republican-led Congress will cut funding for clinics that provide contraceptive services, including Planned Parenthood.

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In Indiana this week: 

Experts Weigh Indiana's Medicaid Fate Under GOP Replacement

Lawmakers may have to raise taxes or vulnerable populations will have to fight it out against each other for these declining funds, one expert says.

Quick Hits

Amid the opioid epidemic, dentists are reassessing their pain pill prescribing habits.

More top hospitals are "aggressively" promoting alternative therapies that often have little or no scientific backing.

"Big Candy" is lobbying the Trump administration for sweeter deals -- particularly on sugar subsdies.

Obesity in America is up, but the number of people trying to shed that weight is down.

At least 20 states are considering legislation that would require seat belts on school buses.