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Overcoming our Obsession with Diagnosis, Decoding Back Pain, and More: Full Show, January 25, 2015

Dr. Cripe and Millicent
Larry Cripe

On this week's edition of Sound Medicine, we hear from palliative care physician Larry Cripe on how his daughter's life-threatening injury changed his outlook and the way he practices medicine. Host Barbara Lewis speaks with a spinal neurosurgeon whose written a book on how to conquer back pain, a researcher who says it's time to rethink the outpatient visit, and a surgeon who gave up her superstar status. Plus, how to talk so your dog understands, and how not to forget what you learned in class. 


Individual Segments:

Millicent's Fall: "Speechless"

Decode Your Back Pain: Interview With Spinal Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Stern