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On a Saturday afternoon at the downtown Columbus, Ohio courthouse, close to 20 men sat in a conference room; arms crossed, eyes staring blankly ahead, listening to a lecture. One white-haired man with glasses and hearing aids yelled for the presenter to speak up.

Texas Lawmaker Wants Truck Drivers To Help Combat Human Trafficking

Nov 15, 2016
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This week is the first one when members of the Texas Legislature can introduce legislation for the new session and State Sen. Sylvia Garcia has introduced a bill to require that applicants for commercial driver licenses take a course on identifying and reporting human trafficking.



This week: Doctors are learning new tricks about how to treat addiction ... on pork. Drug price controls might not offer all the protection we hope it does. And, sick people say they work, even when they know they shouldn't.

Finding a 'Healthy Weight' in Lesbian and Bisexual Communities

Truckers Take The Wheel In Effort To Halt Sex Trafficking

Jul 14, 2016

Editor's note: This report contains accounts of rape, violence and other disturbing events.

Sex trafficking wasn't a major concern in the early 1980s, when Beth Jacobs was a teenager. If you were a prostitute, the thinking went, it was your choice.

Jacobs thought that too, right up until she came to, on the lot of a dark truck stop one night. She says she had asked a friendly-seeming man for a ride home that afternoon.

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It’s not something you expect to see in a courtroom: 35 women, chatting, laughing, eating lasagna. But brunch before the session is a weekly tradition at an unusual court in Columbus, Ohio.

Once the plates are cleared away and everyone sits down in a semi-circle facing the bench, a probation officer steps to the center of the room, with an empty plastic bin and a big smile.

“You know I love you so much, right?” she says, as she collects everyone’s cell phones, to a chorus of groans.

Identifying Trafficking Victims Is Just The Start Of Healthcare's Challenge

Mar 4, 2016
D Gorenstein

Note: This is the third of a three-part series about human trafficking and health care. Find the first part, about the challenges of identifying trafficking victims when they seek medical attention, here.

A Doctor’s Role In Stopping Human Trafficking In Texas

Feb 7, 2016
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Texas is an epicenter for human trafficking. Recently, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton established a new unit of attorneys and investigators focused on combating human trafficking. Each year, thousands of adults and children are trafficked through the state and many end up living in cities like Dallas and Houston. It turns out some victims are walking into hospitals, and some doctors believe these visits are a window of opportunity to help them escape.