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Health News Headlines: Obesity, Smoking, Kids Glued To The TV, And Flu Shot For Pregnant Women

Jill Ditmire reports on the hidden dangers of obesity; smoking cigarettes; children spending too much time in front of a screen; and how too few doctors are telling pregnant women about the flu shot. 

Extreme obesity "It's no surprise that obesity can shorten your life by causing strokes and other illnesses, but a new report shows that extreme obesity is even deadlier than smoking cigarettes...A study found that people who are extremely obese, meaning they carry an extra 100 pounds or more, are more likely to die ten years before others who are the same age but are at a healthy weight."

Smoking cigarettes "Smokers trying to kick the habit will have a better chance of doing so if they use both Chantix and a Nicotine patch."

Kids spending too much time in front of computer and TV "The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends two hours or less. The group found that kids who spend more time than that end up fatter, sleepier and have more problems in school."

Not enough pregnant women getting flu shots "The team asked pregnant women from all parts of the world. Over half said no... Women said that their doctor never brought it up."