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Red Cross Criticizes NPR's Coverage; NPR And ProPublica Respond

The American Red Cross recently sent NPR and ProPublica a request for corrections to our series of stories detailing problems at the Red Cross, including its response to Superstorm Sandy.

NPR and ProPublica have reported on the Red Cross' struggle to meet the basic needs of victims in the weeks after Sandy. The stories described an organization so consumed with public relations that it hindered the charity's ability to provide disaster services. The stories also raised questions about the Red Cross' financesand whether it has misled donors about how it spends its money.

The Red Cross argues that the stories were flawed, based on a "lone source," and failed to show the good work the charity has done. NPR and ProPublica stand by the stories. You can read the Red Cross' complaint here, and see our response.

NPR reported these stories in partnership with ProPublica. You can read all of their storieshere.Can you help? Email NPR correspondentLaura Sullivan orshare a tip here.

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Laura Sullivan is an NPR News investigative correspondent whose work has cast a light on some of the country's most disadvantaged people.