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Wellness Coach Shares Fitness Tips

E'Lisa Campbell/

"Going to medical school, as you probably know, is a grind. It's hard to find time to sleep and to eat, and much less, get good exercise. But my next guest found the time, and then some. We'll let her explain what happened next. Dr. Susanna Carter welcome to Sound Medicine," says host Barbara Lewis. 

Lewis: You ran your first triathlon during your medical residency? 

Carter: I sure did. I was getting into something that I didn't know. 

Lewis: For those who aren't familiar with the Ironman, can you explain us what that race requires you to do. 

Carter: Yes, it is a long-distance triathlon that's composed of a 2.4 mile open-water swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a full 22.6-mile run.. all in succession. 

Lewis: Have you been an athlete all your life?

Carter: I really have in some form or another. I started off very young swimming, then went through the whole team sport phase, and really began doing individual things like cycling and running during college. 

Lewis: How did you fit in the training for it? 

Carter: It was intense. I think I was a little bit of the black sheep or the odd man out in the residency. I had this die-hard need to take care of myself. And take care of myself for me, was exercise. I found a lot of joy being out on the bike after being cooped up in the hospital for long hours. Residents as a whole, you're sort of in survival mode. A lot of us don't take care of ourselves during that time. I don't know if I was born with it, or what, but I am pretty bent on getting my exercise. And I knew the right people to get me into the triathlon.