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All IN: How Mental Health Treatment Is Adapting To COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t stopped groups that help people with mental health issues, but it has complicated their work.Indiana Public Broadcasting’s All Intalked to the CEO of Eskenazi Mental Health Center about this challenge.  

Eskenazi Mental Health transitioned to almost exclusively using telehealth services for outpatient care that can be done virtually. But CEO Ashley Overley says telehealth can be a barrier to some.

“Unfortunately, there are some patients that either do not have telephones or computers, they may not have wireless connections in their home or they may have very limited minutes on their cell phone,” Overley says. “To that end, we are still providing some services on site and we also have a mobile team that we have created in order to be able to visit patients who are not able to get into the clinic.”

Overley says it’s possible some people might be afraid to visit a health clinic or are not aware of telehealth services.

“We want them to come and seek treatment for their mental health needs now more than ever." 

Joblessness, isolation and stress all can worsen mental health. And they’re more present now because of the pandemic.

All In also spoke with Executive Director of the MLK Center Allison Luthe, Julian Center’s Director of Survivor Services Jami Schnurpel and Lindsey Rabinowitch from the Christian Theological Seminary.