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3 Year-Old Reverses Her Diabetes, Immigrants Lose Obamacare and More: Weekly Roundup

A photo of a cigarette tied into a knot
This week, the FDA ordered cigarette-maker R.J. Reynolds to stop selling four of its products

The Debate Issue That Wasn't: Obamacare

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that Congressional Republicans shut down the federal government to protest funding the ACA? Ok, it was two years ago. But it's still remarkable that the healthcare law barely came up during Wednesday night's GOP debateVox's Sarah Kliff says that silence says a lot

FDA Orders Four Cigarettes Pulled From The Shelves

Though the FDA was given authority over cigarettes in 2009, this is the first time they've slapped a ban on a big tobacco company, as NPR reports

More Than 400,000 Immigrants Lose Obamacare Coverage

As a group, Latinos have experienced big gains in insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act came into effect. But some are now losing that coverage due to immigration issues. The AP reports

Toddler With Diabetes Is Now Symptom-Free

The Texas girl, who ate mostly fast food and weighed 75 lbs at 3 and-a-half, was one of the youngest people to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The Wall Street Journal has the story of her recovery