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This Week In Public Health: Will Winter Kill Zika? Are We Close To Curing The Common Cold?

Farmer Sky Edwards has tried to start a farmers market in McDowell County, W.Va., but so far it hasn't been successful. So he travels 60 miles round trip each week to sell vegetables in Bluefield, W.Va., where residents have more cash to spend on food.

This week - Scientists think we're closer to curing the common cold. ... Will the cold kill off Zika? ... STDs are at a record high, and there are fewer places to get treatment for them. ... Soda makers are trying to change their image by sponsoring public health groups. ... Are vaccines ever really free? ... These and more ...

Farmers get creative to bring fresh food to Coal Country

Grow up, not out. That's the idea some are trying to integrate in Coal Country to bring fresh produce to areas that typically don't have access to fruits and vegetables. With so many people out of work in these areas, the idea that you can use a small amount of space to feed a lot of people is catching on. For West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Roxy Todd reports.

Finding Mental Health For Kids Is Tough, And Many End Up In The ER

There's a dearth of pediatricians that treat mental health problems in children, so when these kids need care, their parents typically take them to the only place they can be treated right away, the emergency room. Kaiser Health News' Shefali Luthra looks at new research that seeks to explain the problem across all age groups, and what some are trying to do to stop it.

Saving Money While Getting People Clean: New Sobering Center Aims At Change

In Providence, Rhode Island, officials are set to finish construction on a new sobering center -- a place where people who are drunk or high can go to come down safely and get help trying to quit. For Rhode Island Public Radio, Kristin Gourlay says advocates hope the new centers will divert people away from hospitals and help them leave drugs or alcohol behind for good.

Will Winter Kill Zika?

Just how big a dent in the spread of the virus will Old Man Winter make? Probably some, reports The Atlantic's Adrienne LaFrance, but don't expect Zika to go away any time soon.

Quick Hits

Scientists think they're closer to curing the common cold. No comment from the folks at Kleenex. (Groans)

There are a record number of STD cases. Researchers say there are fewer places to get treatment for them. It doesn't take analysis to tell you that's a problem.

Doctors Without Borders said no to "free" pnuemonia vaccines from Pfizer.Here's why.

Big soda is spending millions to defeat a California ballot initiative to tax its product. Oh, and it's also wooing public health groups with sponsorship deals.

Finally this week, federal officials at the Department of Health and Human Services say public health needs more funding and better data sharing. A lot of people have been saying that for a long time, but now they have a plan.