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This Week In Public Health: Bringing psychiatrists to school can help kids when they need it most

This week - Kids go to school to learn, duh. But more and more, they are going to school to get their mental health needs treated. ... A little mold on your bread is no big deal, right? Cut it off and eat up? Perhaps not, public health experts say. ... Secondhand smoke is harmful, but thirdhand smoke also poses a risk. So just what is it? ... Read on ...

Bringing Psychiatrists Into Schools Can Help Vulnerable Kids When They Need It Most

"There’s a growing interest in programs that bring mental health care into schools, as schools around the country struggle to tackle the unmet mental health needs of students," some advocates say, reports Side Effects' Rebecca Smith. "Often, children’s mental or behavioral health issues are first identified in school, by teachers and counselors. But few schools have the resources to help the kids get professional care."

Is It Safe To Eat Moldy Bread?

We've all done it, or at least thought seriously about doing it. There's a little mold on your bread, do you cut it off and eat on or do you toss the whole rest of the loaf? Public health experts say: Throw it away. Why? It's um, tentacles (!?) could have seeped much farther down into the food than you can see. "What's more, by the time mold has moved in, other harmful kinds of bacteria associated with food spoiling may also have infiltrated the food."

How Do Former Opioid Addicts Safely Get Pain Relief After Surgery?

It's a question much of America is attempting to wrangle. People get hurt. They need pain medication after surgery or injury. How do we help them get relief without exposing them to the dangers of opioid addiction? Here are some ideas.

Hopes Dim To Raise Indiana’s Cigarette Tax This Year

In the last few hours of the legislative session, as lawmakers work out the final details of the budget, the proposed cigarette tax increase faces its last chance to pass.


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Secondhand smoke is harmful, but thirdhand smoke could also pose a serious threat. So what is it?

Opioid addiction can also bring an unexpected risk: injury.

Matching ex-offenders with hard-to-fill health care jobs like long-term care and home-care agencies.

Some in California are pushing to protect salon workers by requiring labels on products like nail polish flag the hazardous substances inside.